Yearly Archives: 2016

Home Run Buddies

Lemonade Stands.

Jack & Luke held a lemonade stand to benefit the Mikey Czech Foundation. Thanks for your committment to our cause! Mikey would be proud!

Buddies Have Bake Sales to Raise Funds to Find a Cure for Pediatric Brain Tumors

One of Mikey's best buddies, Michael Popper, held several bake sales after Mikey died to raise funds for The Mikey Czech Foundation. Michael and his posse raised over $1,500 so far! Great job Michael & friends! Mikey would be so proud!



Connor's Lemonade Stand to Stop Cancer


Connor deMayo, one of Mikey's buddies, and his lemonade stand to raise money for Pediatric Brain Tumors. Great Job Connor!

Alex’s Fundraiser for The Mikey Czech Foundation

Alex Libmans FundraiserAlex Libman, a sixth grader at St. Lukes School and a fellow baseball teammate of Mikey’s, decided to conduct a fundraiser for the Foundation. This is what he sent to all of his friends.


"I am in the 6th grade. For many seasons I played baseball as a pitcher. One of the toughest hitters that got up at bat was Mikey Czech. Everyone in the 6th grade will forever remember him. Maybe it was his happy smile or how he always saw the glass "half full". I will remember him by the way he stood at bat, or by the smile that came upon his face when he connected with the ball and ran to first base. In his honor, I have chosen to do my Bar Mitzvah, mitzvah project (a community service project) for the Mikey Czech Foundation. For those of you who are not aware of the foundation, it is dedicated to Pediatric brain tumor research. I plan to raise as much money as I can for this great cause. Please join me for an afternoon of fun at my home. I have organized a home run derby and a dunk game. Show me how fast you can throw the ball and dunk me in a dunk tank."

Alex did an awesome job with his fundraiser and raised over $2,500 for The Mikey Czech Foundation and pediatric brain tumor research. Thanks Alex!