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The Brain Tumor

The Brain Tumor by Mikey Czech January 6, 2008. It was a windy winter Sunday and I, Mikey Czech, was celebrating my 11th birthday. At breakfast my mom told me I had to go to the doctor that morning. “What a drag,” I thought, “Who wants to do that on their birthday?” Once the appointment…
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Wings to Heaven

Wings to Heaven Mikey Czech October 15, 2007 Assignment: Memoir As I sat at the table at my Grandpa and Grandma’s house, I wondered why my Great-Grandpa was looking so sad and speaking little. “I hope he is okay”, I said to my sister in a quiet voice.I said to my Great-Grandpa “Are you okay,…
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Everlasting Friendship

Everlasting Friendship By Connor deMayo Last summer (summer of 2007) on a hot sunny day at the New Canaan Lake Club I was preparing for the “Wacky Tennis” event. I had been looking forward to this for days. “Wacky tennis” is the only time you can play tennis games in wacky clothes. One of my…
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My Little Angel

My Little Angel [spacer] Best Brother Of them all No matter how big or small Able to survive A deadly disease And nothing could stop him As much as he pleased We got in fights Like normal siblings do But now I see Everything come through People may say We look exactly alike But I…
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